Peelander-Z is Ridiculous and Super Fun (Even if You Don’t Like Gimmicks)

This is one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to, let alone shoot. A friend’s friend was at the show and when Peelander Yellow came out to prep the crowd he put his hands out to touch the crowd. My new friend looked like she was having a great time already, and shortly after grabbing at his hands we were talking about how much fun the show was about to be. Immediately after she responds Peelander Yellow pulls her up on stage, gave her a cape and, well, you’ll see what happens next in the photos. 

Here’s the Creative Loafing page for the show and photos.

Show date: 9/1/16


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  • Nerds Raging
  • Peelander-Z

The First Show I Shot for Creative Loafing

A while back I started working for Creative Loafing’s event space. My ultimate goal (other than having extra work) was to start shooting shows for them. Almost a year later I got my first chance. 

Here’s the Creative Loafing page for the show and photos.

To be honest, while I’m happy with the photos I thought I could do much better, Luckily the response was really good. That seems to be a common theme. I’m always trying to improve.

Show date: 8/29/16


  • Ask For Tiger
  • Seek Well
  • Improv by Jacob Taylor and Colin Freiberger
  • Shurwood
  • At the Heart Of It.

The Start of Something New

I’ve recently realized that I don’t have any central repository for all the things I work on and help with. As things I do become public I’ll be posting them here.

What could that include? As of this blog post:

  • Photos for Creative Loafing
  • An occasional video I made for my current full time job
  • Personal Photos
  • Photos I made of friends or for friends
  • Videos I created myself
  • Videos I helped make
  • Things my friends made that I’m really proud of them for making.
  • And probably a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of. Who knows, this is all new for me.

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Thanks for the Photo Michelle Harned

Thanks for the Photo Michelle Harned

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