Twin Peaks - TV Show? Mountains?? Band???

Look, I don’t know every band that I shoot. I hear a lot of names, I see a lot of hype, I shoot what feels right. Twin Peaks was one of those bands. Although Kanye was in town for the Saint Pablo Tour the same day, I couldn’t afford to go and Creative Loafing had another photographer assigned to that show (can’t expect to shoot everything by the third shoot, right?) This show made up for it and I had a great time and got some great photos. 

Also, my really good friends in Poster opened the show. You should listen to them on Bandcamp, they have a new album out soon.

Here’s the Creative Loafing page for the show and photos.

I did learn one very important lesson, though. Don’t assume you’ve shot everything there is to shoot. I stayed for at least 45 minutes of their set and headed home to get them done ASAP. Turns out for the last song the band told everyone to come up on the stage and I missed what would have been some amazing photos. I’m always learning and striving to improve.

Show date: 9/14/16


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